Monday, December 31, 2007

Quotable Quotes

Life with a 3-year-old comes with some interesting observations. Here are two from the weekend:

A conversation about life:
Paul - Life's all about being patient.

Mitchell - No, it's all about girls.

On bodily functions:
I had a poo-poo tooter. It's a special kind of tooter that you don't hear.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Holidays

Christmas is unofficially over (not official until the tree comes down), so now is the perfect time to sit back, recall the funny moments, relive the scary times and regret all the over-eating!

The Funny
Nothing is as joyous as a 3-year-old tackling the presents under the tree! Mitchell didn't seem to understand that they weren't all for him. (I blame that on his birthday being just one week early). I'm thrilled with my new Dutch oven, the double-sided grill/griddle thingy and the under-cabinet radio/CD player. It will all be fabulous in our new house!

The Frightening
It just wouldn't be a family gathering without a trip to the emergency room. Yes, Noah joined the ranks of family who spend the holiday at the hospital. His RSV took a turn for the worst on Saturday, but he's on the mend, thanks to the respiratory therapist and fantastic pediatric ER staff at NCBH.

The Food
No Gannon family gathering would be complete without lots and lots and lots of food. The feeder started Sunday when Mitchell decided he wanted a cheeseburger for lunch. In the spirit of the season, we even let him choose the joint. Big'Z - a great choice, we all decided. It was chalupa burgers all around (some with chicken, which is my new fave), and Mitchell enjoyed his cheese - not so much the burger. He also commandeered the Curry Ketchup, declaring it his. Yes, he is one of us!
Christmas lunch now includes the tradition of smorgasbord. I'm known around as the Dip Queen, so I couldn't pass up my Mexican Clam Dip or Black Bean Dip. Add in the requisite little sammies plus shrimp cocktail and a few other goodies. Yum-O!

Now for the feast of feasts: Christmas Dinner! I'm proud to say I rocked the role of chef! Our roast beast was beautiful, thanks to P's expert grilling. I offered up an array of sides, including the required Yorkshire Pudding plus Squash Gratin, mushroom compote (known by some as gravy in it's thinner state - hm, wonder what I'm known as in my thinner state?!) plus new offerings of Green Beans with Sage and Pancetta (pictured) and a new "mystery sauce" that turned out much better than expected. (The trick? Letting it sit overnight then finishing off with butter as described in the recipe.) Dessert? Now that I don't make. But, we enjoyed a huge Tootie Pie, compliments of my friends at Digett. (Thanks, Mark, for contributing to my ever-growing bottom line.)
So now, it's back to life as normal, sort of. Paul is frantically packing, and I'm back at work. Already dreaming of what we'll eat next year!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

On being a SAHM

As I near the end of my (temporary) life as a SAHM (going back to work after baby), I am getting reflective on what it's like to stay home.

When I had my first DS, I wanted nothing more than to be out of the house and back at the office. The 3 months of maternity leave almost killed me!

This time around, though, it's quite different. Maybe it was those 3 months of bedrest at the end of my pregnancy that changed things.

So, little DS and I have a good thing going on. In a typical day, we take a morning nap - especially nice after getting up with him once or twice during the night - then I shower, get dressed and put on make-up. Then, we might go to the grocery store, Target, Babies R Us or any number of out-and-about places. Quick stop back home for lunch and a change, then it's off to the grocery store or hanging around the house to catch up on to-dos (dishwasher is still waiting today!).

Before I know it, it's time for hubby and big DS to come home and time to start supper.

Life will change greatly in less than 2 weeks when I leave this domestic bliss to return to the real world that is my work. After being out for 18 weeks, it will be quite a change to be back in the office, McMeetings and in the field. I know I'll be happy to be back, but I also know I'll long for those poopy diapers and baby cries that have filled these fleeting days.

Super Suppers

Today I joined the ranks of other SAHMs and went to Super Suppers. It was actually nice to have everything prepped and ready for me - and to not have to clean up any mess.

I made 3 recipes, which finished to be 6 meals. And, it was just over $70, which means it averages out to about $12 per meal. The real test will be how good it is!

BTW: Being a SAHM isn't so bad for now! But, I know I'll enjoy going back to work Oct. 1st.

WW - Counting Points

Weight Watchers is going well (lost 2.2 pounds in first week!), but I'm having a problem eating all of my points in a day!

Since I'm breastfeeding, I get 12 extra points each day. And, I'm supposed to eat all of those points everyday. That's really hard! I've only hit my Points target twice this week - and that's because I indulged and ate "bad-for-you" food.

Hopefully the scale will be my friend on Thursday!