Tuesday, September 18, 2007

On being a SAHM

As I near the end of my (temporary) life as a SAHM (going back to work after baby), I am getting reflective on what it's like to stay home.

When I had my first DS, I wanted nothing more than to be out of the house and back at the office. The 3 months of maternity leave almost killed me!

This time around, though, it's quite different. Maybe it was those 3 months of bedrest at the end of my pregnancy that changed things.

So, little DS and I have a good thing going on. In a typical day, we take a morning nap - especially nice after getting up with him once or twice during the night - then I shower, get dressed and put on make-up. Then, we might go to the grocery store, Target, Babies R Us or any number of out-and-about places. Quick stop back home for lunch and a change, then it's off to the grocery store or hanging around the house to catch up on to-dos (dishwasher is still waiting today!).

Before I know it, it's time for hubby and big DS to come home and time to start supper.

Life will change greatly in less than 2 weeks when I leave this domestic bliss to return to the real world that is my work. After being out for 18 weeks, it will be quite a change to be back in the office, McMeetings and in the field. I know I'll be happy to be back, but I also know I'll long for those poopy diapers and baby cries that have filled these fleeting days.

Super Suppers

Today I joined the ranks of other SAHMs and went to Super Suppers. It was actually nice to have everything prepped and ready for me - and to not have to clean up any mess.

I made 3 recipes, which finished to be 6 meals. And, it was just over $70, which means it averages out to about $12 per meal. The real test will be how good it is!

BTW: Being a SAHM isn't so bad for now! But, I know I'll enjoy going back to work Oct. 1st.

WW - Counting Points

Weight Watchers is going well (lost 2.2 pounds in first week!), but I'm having a problem eating all of my points in a day!

Since I'm breastfeeding, I get 12 extra points each day. And, I'm supposed to eat all of those points everyday. That's really hard! I've only hit my Points target twice this week - and that's because I indulged and ate "bad-for-you" food.

Hopefully the scale will be my friend on Thursday!