Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Recent Craftiness

I have been busily sewing, knitting, crafting and creating this month!  Here's a brief run-down of what I've done since Dec. 1st.
  • 7 Christmas-themed hostess aprons (plus a pending request for 3 more!!!)
  • 4 Hostess aprons, including a mother-daughter set that turned out adorable - that I forgot to photograph before shipping out!
  • 1 Birthday party for my favorite 5-year-old, including a racecar-themed variation of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey"
  • 4 Gift cards purchased for our teachers (I'm the Teacher Appreciation Mom for both classes, so I spent a Wednesday driving all over town to pick up cards for their favorite restaurants)
  • 4 Custom gift bags for those gift cards
  • 2 Pillowcase dresses
  • 1 Appliqued onesie
  • 36 Reindeer candycanes for school friends
  • 1 Cheeta-and-denim purse
  • Plus cookies for our MOPS cookie exchange, treats for our family, countless meals and snacks for our family ...

I've also attended the MOPS Steering Christmas party, my MOPS small-group Cookie Exchange (hosted at my house), the Women's Group dinner at church, Mitchell's Christmas program at school, Paul's company holiday party and my mom's annual get-together (in Baytown!).  Tomorrow, Paul's parents and brother arrive for Christmas at our house.

'Tis the season!


Ashley said...

You were more productive than me...might I know your caffeine regime so that I can aspire to be this energetic?

Mary Anna said...

I put off a lot of other things I needed to do so I could get it all done! I also moved my sewing machine down to the formal dining room for a few days.

As for the caffeine: I have a grande Starbucks insulated tumbler that I fill with my good ol' Folgers French Roast, 3 Splendas and way too much Dulce de Leche coffee creamer. Everyday!