Friday, May 9, 2008

Wild, Wild World

It's a wild, wild world out there. (And by "out there," I mean in my yard!)

Earlier this week, we were greeted by a new friend of the eight-legged variety. There was a Texas Brown tarantula on our driveway. She was enjoying a light shower from our sprinkler. Last night, we found her deceased in our grass. May God rest her furry soul.

This morning, I was putting a key under the doormat and noticed a dog in the yard. "That's strange," I thought, "I don't recognize that dog." I went back in the house and it dawned on me - it's not a dog, it's a fox. Yep, in my yard.

I stalled the boys and watched out the window as it sniffed around my yard and then meandered across the street and hung out in that yard for a while. Finally, it went through the wash-out and into the backyard across the way.

I took the boys and put them in the car, all the while watching the fox as it watched me. When I got into the car, it lost interest and started to walk through the backyards of the neighbors on the other street.

(Oh yeah, Mitchell will be quick to point out that we saw a snake while on a walk the other day. And, Paul will be quick to point out that I wanted him to touch it. I suggested that he nudge it with his shoe to see if it was a snake or a stick. No harm!)

I don't dare imagine what we'll see next.

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