Thursday, April 17, 2008

Liquid Languish

I've begun my liquid diet today, in preparation for tomorrow's colonoscopy. (I know, you wish you could have this much fun!)

So, I left the house this morning armed with juice, bouillon cubes and an already grumbly tummy. I think it's psychosomatic hunger pangs - you know you can't eat but you're hungry anyway. I'm typically not a breakfast person, so I know it's just to annoy me even more.

I'm supposed to join an interior designer for lunch today to talk about a project she just completed, so I know it will be delish (whatever she's having, that is). I'll bring along my cubes, just in case the waiter looks at me like I'm nuts when I order soup - broth only, please.

Please raise a glass of chicken broth to toast my sanity and wish me luck tomorrow.

1 comment:

mark_figart said...

Good luck, Mary Anna! We'll say a prayer for you.