Friday, April 11, 2008

Lower Expectations?

I know I expect too much of myself, but is it so wrong to expect of others?

Today I went by to pick up some personalized notecards I ordered a few weeks ago. I've been thinking about who I'd write first on my sassy little cards with their lime, turquoise and brown stripes.

Well, I pick them up and my name is huge and centered - not at all what I requested. The sales person's response was that unless it was misspelled or the wrong font or color then too bad, so sad. Let's see if I go back there!

Then, I ran into the pottery store down the way to pick up a sketch of Noah that I was rooked into ordering during a recent birthday party. It doesn't look anything like my precious Noodle and the lady drew my hands in it (duh, I had to hold him still for her to take his picture, but I didn't want my hands in the drawing!). Ken, my boss, summed it up "It's just not the happy Noah we all know." The eyes and mouth are all wrong.

So, I question: Should I just lower my expectations?

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