Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Water, water everywhere!

After a long night - one that included an hour-and-a-half long feeding at 2 a.m. (thought these had passed!) - Paul kissed me goodbye as he headed out the door to Salt Lake City. (I should clarify that he's going for work, not to support the LDS!) The morning started smooth enough. I ironed my clothes, took a shower, made bottles - the ususal.

Went up to wake Noah, who was already awake rolling around in his crib. He greeted me with his signature smile and "Momma, Momma." Then the rivers began to flow! While changing into a fresh diaper, he peed. All over the floor. And my pants. And the fresh diaper. And my pants. So I grabbed another fresh diaper and a towel. Cleaned up the floor, took off my pants and started to put on the fresh diaper. Well, that little sprayer can move pretty fast, as he peed out the side I had not yet fastened - and onto my leg. All the while, he's grinning and cooing. Finally got him in a diaper when Mitchell comes in and announces "My shirt and pants are all wet." Sure enough, he had wet the bed. So, it was off with his jammies and bedsheets and into the tub. Noah crawled around on the floor while Mitchell got the world's fastest bath.

Everyone finally dry, we headed down for Mommy to get some pants on - can't leave home without 'em. Hopefully the day gets better. But, from the looks of the sky, there might be a littel rain on Mitchell's Fiesta Parade (check back later for pictures).

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