Friday, March 13, 2009

Beautiful Artwork

Yesterday, Mitchell attended an art class at Artworks. Here are some of the paintings he created, with his own words to tell the story of the paintings. The last image is one of a leaf he took with my camera a while back (that I never got around to posting). Since this is all about his art, I thought it was a nice addition.

The cat jumped all the way up to the moon. The cat that jumped on the
moon had no problem. Someone was going to cook the cat and eat the cat.
Isn't that rude? So it jumped up to the moon. That's a black cat and that's for Halloween.

That picture has a little crack and then it has a door for an invisible castle.
That's all about that one.

This tree has a bendy branch. The gold glitter is the wind. The tree is
starting to lose its leaves. It's because the wind is blowing.

Two brown tire tracks. Someone else did the colored part.
Someone took away mine (tire track print) so I decided to add tracks to theirs.

The leaf fell into a hole.

This was the first time I've left Mitchell somewhere other than preschool. I was a little nervous when I dropped him off. But, he charged right in, grabbed a smock and brought it to me to put it on. He was "jumping right in" (his words for trying something new).
All was well until it came time to go and he couldn't find his tire track print. Apparently they were all hanging on a wall to dry and another child took his by mistake. The fantastic staff searched high and low for Mitchell's print but to no avail. Miss Lisa, who runs Artworks, sprung to the rescue and grabbed a stack of left artwork and encouraged Mitchell to add his tracks to it. He did it reluctantly, but he cried about his missing artwork for almost an hour.

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