Monday, April 20, 2009

Ale Has Landed

Meet Ale, our new alien.

This afternoon, Mitchell asked me to make him an alien. I searched online for some alien graphics and then let Mitchell decide which he wanted. Then we hit my fabric stash, where I had this sort-of planet-y fabric. Mitchell picked out buttons for his eyes while I cut the fabric.

Mitchell hasn't put him down yet! Not bad for a few minutes and scraps of fabric! He's pretty wonky, but I couldn't imagine him crisp and perfect!!!

This was the alien clip art that was my inspiration for Ale.
BTW: Mitchell named him Ale. I think because it sounds like the first syllable of alien.


Frogs in my formula said...

Or he's an early fan of beer? Too cute!

HeatherPride said...

Ale rocks!! Good job!

Johanna said...

This is awesome! I totally love Ale!