Friday, April 3, 2009

Now Working: Bohemian Bag

I just started a new bag, this one from a pattern. I've chosen Lila Tueller's Bohemian Bag with her gorgeous Soiree fabrics.

Here's the bag in Lila's Woodland Bloom fabric (not the fabric I'm using).

I'm using these fabrics (from Lila's Soiree collection), plus the coordinating polka dots to transition between the pattern.

I'm really excited about this bag. It's too cute, and it uses some techniques I've not attempted before. Just today, in fact, I did a little freehand machine quilting using the walking foot and clear thread. I think it's coming along quite nice. Oh, and the seams are sewn to the top, and the fabrics are backed with fleece so you get a soft, shaggy edge between each piece. Cute!

I ran out of clear thread when I was half-finished with the quilting, so I'll need to pick up more before I can do anything else. As soon as I'm finished, I'll bore you all with photos!

(BTW: I'm sewing this bag as a "prototype" for a diaper bag for my little sister, Kimberly. If she'll ever choose some fabrics, I can get working on hers! Her little boy will be here mid August - I'd like to be able to give it to her as a shower gift. I thought it was best to try out the pattern once or twice before doing her bag, just in case I couldn't do it! Oh, and I bought some iron-on vinyl to coat the interior, because we all know how messy baby bags can get!)


Ashley said...

I'm amazed at your sewing talents...maybe I'll join you before the kids start college!

Lila Tueller said...

HI answer your question about the needle: Some machines are not as industrial strength as others...Mine included. It is really wimpy, and gives me a lot of troubl with that seam as well. My old machine whipped through it like it was nothing, but it died!
My advise is to open up the seam, and trim out the batting from the seam allowance, to reduce the bulk. Then you should be fine. Do that with any future bags after you cut the corner off. It might be a little tricky since you have done the machine quilting through it, but it will be worth not breaking all those needles!
Let me know how that goes for you!

Thanks for your support!

Frogs in my formula said...

I agree with Ashley. Thank you so much for making me a bag. I can't wait to see it!