Monday, June 2, 2008

Clap Happy

I know you're not supposed to compare your kids to others, but it's so hard not to! Last weekend, our friends Jenn and Mark were over with their two cuties. Graham is just 2 weeks older than Noah, and of course, he's way more advanced.

OK, let me rephrase that - Graham can clap.

I was all bummed to see this because those pesky "Your Baby This Week" emails all said that Noah should be clapping around this time in his development. And, he wasn't.

I'd try so hard - guiding his little hands and cheering. He'd just laugh and try to eat my fingers. (Remember, this is the kid who will eat anything.)

Over the weekend, I was trying yet again to get Noah to clap. Lo and behold, HE DID IT! NOAH CLAPPED THIS WEEKEND! And not just once. No, you cheer and he just grins and claps. It's really cute.


Tierd said...

Catching up on your blog ... it may make you feel better to know that Graham's clapping comes and goes as he pleases - he's not doing it now! We had fun with y'all and hope to see you again soon! Jen

Tierd said...

Oh, and, one of our other friends has a baby boy two weeks older than Graham who is WALKING and saying actual words - two things that Graham is no where close to doing ... you're right - it's so hard not to compare!!!