Thursday, June 26, 2008

I've got it too easy

The past few days, I've been visiting the blogs that are linked on the blogs I regularly read. I've seen photos of the children of people I haven't seen since high school. I've laughed at things other people's children have said and done.

But, I've also had a great realization: I've got it too easy.

I just read that a friend had dental surgery to graft tissue in her mouth.

I watched on one friend's blog as her husband trembled during treatment for cancer.

I followed some links and ended up on the blog of a totally beautiful socialite from Houston who's recovering from a severe outbreak of MRSA in her nose. (It had to be rebuilt with bone from her rib and cartilage from her ear!)

I followed some other links and found the site of a woman with photos of four beautiful daughters, to learn that her youngest lived just a few hours and died while her old sisters cradled her in the hospital.

The past few days, I've cried for people I don't even know. And, I've wondered why I've been so lucky to have it so good.

My children are healthy, despite the occasional bump or bruise (or trip to the emergency room requiring nothing more than Derma Bond). My husband is caring and loving and funny and sweet ... I could go on and on! My family is there when I need them. My career continues to go well, and work continues to be a great outlet for my pent-up creativity (and need for adult conversation, which is really lacking since we moved!).

OK, God is funny! As I typed that last sentence, daycare called to say that Noah's running a fever. But, again, it's just a fever!

Thank you, God, for blessing me and my family. Continue to hold us in your good graces! Amen.

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