Saturday, December 6, 2008

Snapshots 2: Thanksgiving Edition

I know, I know ... I'm way behind!

Here are some highlights from our Thanksgiving trip the Houston area.

My boys love cows. Yep, cows. My mother and her husband have two black Angus cows, and they think they're dogs (the people and the cows think the cows are dogs - the cows don't think my mom and her husband are dogs, as far as I know). Reba and T-Bone just loved our boys, and the boys loved them too. In fact, Noah started saying "Cow."

Noah talks a lot more now. In addition to saying "cow," Noah also says "cracker," "dog," "Pa-Pa," "ball," "book" (usually accompanied by him bringing me a book to read him!) ... His verbal ability is really taking off. I blame it attribute it to Uncle Frank. Something about Paul's brother brings out the need to advance. I remember him spurring on Mitchell to walk.

Mitchell "apparently likes cranberry sauce." He also "apparently likes onions" and olives and just about anything else that was served at our Thanksgiving dinners.

Noah also loves Thanksgiving food. Those two boys ate tons.

Mitchell is very complimentary. During the break, he announced that some people really make the best foods:
  • Nanny: cinnamon rolls
  • Uncle Jim: deep fried turkey vulture
  • Aunt Llana: cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes
  • Grandma: stuffing and regular turkey
  • Mommy: onions (a Gannon family tradition is creamed onions at holiday meals, and I'm now in charge of the onions). See note above about him liking onions.
  • Daddy: Guacamole (though he didn't make any over the break)

Mitchell had his tonsils and adenoids taken out on Wednesday. Today he's back 100 percent. He's as nutty as usual and full of energy. I guess four days of rest have built up the craziness!

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Frogs in my formula said...

I'm glad you had a good holiday. I was shocked when Junior didn't eat a lot at Thanksgiving. He didn't like stuffing or mashed potatoes! And I couldn't blame it on my cooking because someone else made them.