Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Old Man Winter blew into our neighborhood last night, bringing howling wind and snow. It was amazing to wake up to a thin, white blanket this morning!

The wind blew off several chair covers, and you can really see the snow on them.

Mitchell was amazed at how soft the snow was. He touched it for about 4 seconds then wanted to go back inside because the wind was too cold.


tierd said...

Great pictures! Cute that he was amazed it was soft :)

The ice took down a gutter on our house which tore down our electrical pole ... fun stuff.

HeatherPride said...

Kids and snow are such a cute combination!

Tara said...

Crazy! It was 70 degrees here yesterday. :( Bleah.

Mary Anna said...

Well, it was in the mid 70s here yesterday too! We had the windows open last night, and the wind started picking up and the temperature dropped pretty fast. It's probably hot out there right now; we've not been out today.