Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In Search of a 12-Step Program

Hello, my name is Mary Anna and I'm a craftaholic. I've been sober for about 2 hours (if you don't count my scouring the internets for my next fabric finds).

Seriously, folks, I could have an addiction to making stuff. Just today, I made a burp cloth - from scratch! You know, the ones with the super awesome soft dotty fabric in the middle? Yeah, I made one in a yummy butter yellow. I now know that you can buy the cloth diaper fabric at Hancock for way less than you can buy the diapers at Babies R Us.

(Note: There won't be a photo of the burp cloth I made today because I did something really dumb and sewed my yummy yellow minky on really crooked That's why there are seam rippers.)

Here's what I'm currently coveting:

It's a really good thing that Jona lives in Arizona and that her fantastic store, Fabritopia, is there too! (It's also a good thing she has a website and ships to San Antonio!) Oh, and she's got the Pop Garden line on sale through the end of the month. Might need to stop by!

The hubbies don't know it yet, but my girlfriend Ashley and I are scheming to do some online fabric shopping here on Saturday and some sewing projects. Between the two of us, they stand no chance! (It's a good thing I got my Wii Fit today!)


Tara said...

Didn't I tell you? It's an addiction, I tell ya! I've only been sewing for about 3 years and I've already amassed a HUGE stash and I keep buying more. I lurve fabric. San Antonio better look out this summer!

Check out Etsy and Sew Mama Sew for fabrics. My crack dealer...I mean favorite seller is going out of business, Fabric Bliss.

Tara said...

Oh yeah, check out Patty Young's line Andalucia. SO yummy! I love it, such saturated color!