Monday, January 12, 2009

Seriously, Folks, I'm Not Making This Up!

I oftentimes joke that my life is so nuts that you can't make this $h!t up. This morning was yet another example.

I decided to "shine my sink" so I filled it with hot, soapy water to let it soak for a little while. I came into the living room to sit down and check email when I hear water gushing in the kitchen.

I thought that maybe a pipe burst - but the water was off. Does a pipe burst if the water is off? I don't know.

So, I went running into the kitchen to find that MY SINK HAD FALLEN DOWN INTO THE CABINET BELOW!

Yes, folks, my sink collapsed! I have Silestone countertops with an undermount sink (fancy talk for the countertop sits on top of the sink so there's no lip around the sink).

I called the builder, to be told that this has happened quite a bit recently. Seems the plumber who did the installation had some had adhesive.

A few minutes after hanging up, Jimmy, my wonderful warranty guy, was here checking it out. He called the countertop people and then the handyman.

Rex, the fantastic handyman, called a little later and said he'd be there soon.

(Side note here: I absolutely adore Rex. He's one of those guys you'd never give a second look - an overweight biker dude with full facial hair and a ponytail down to his bottom. Spend 30 seconds with him, though, and you'll love him forever. He has the biggest heart and would do anything to help anyone. He started a biker ministry and does volunteer work in prisons on weekends. His heart belongs to God and his spirit belongs to everyone around him.)

Rex came and ensured that all the water had been cleaned up and that my cabinets wouldn't have to be ripped out. Thank goodness!

Then, the countertop people call at 2:45 and say they can't come until tomorrow morning sometime. I was not really nice when I said that if they'd called back around 9:30 when Jimmy stood in my kitchen and called them that I might have a sink to use today.

So, I have no kitchen sink until it's fixed! I'm not a happy camper!


Rhea said...

Goodness gracious! A collapsing sink. What a nasty surprise!

The Stiletto Mom said...

No sink? Oh my. I would be en fuego over that homes are such fun, aren't they?

The Blonde Duck said...

I hope it gets fixed soon! That's terrible!

Tabitha Blue said...

OMG!!!!! You're right, you can't make that up!! Craziness.... glad it's getting fixed!!