Thursday, July 3, 2008

Random Tweets

Me: Wow! There's turkeys on the side of the road!

Mitchell: Are they cooked?

(There were about five wild turkeys just inside the treeline on the way home the other day.)

- - - - -
Mitchell (while sitting on the kitchen floor with Noah, eating crackers this morning): We're having a picnic!

- - - - -

Mitchell (all in one moment with very little pause for breathing!): I'm a talker. I talk a lot. I talk all the time. I wake up talking and I fall asleep talking. I talk all day long. I even talk in my sleep. Did you know that Mommy?

Nothing like stating the obvious!

- - - - -

Ever noticed a spot on your shirt that you tried to clean off and somehow it got even bigger and darker? (Don't look at mine today!)

- - - - -

The rubber band on my wrist is the same color as my skin.

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