Sunday, October 19, 2008

Now Reading: When I Grow Up

This morning at church, we were treated to something very special. Phil Simpkins, a member of our church, read his newly published children's book to the kiddos during the service!

When I Grow Up: P.J. Style is the story of little elephant P.J. who has big ideas about what he might want to be when he grows up. He tries on lots of different options, from a dentist to a teacher to a doctor and more.

Phil's sister, Linda Kay, was involved in a tragic motorcycle accident several years ago that caused severe brain damage. Phil said that he and Linda started the idea for P.J. about 10 years ago, with the notion that he'd write the book and she'd illustrate it. Since the accident, Linda has lived in assisted living while she makes strides to walk and talk again. Phil moved forward with the plans to write the book and turned to the publisher for an illustrator.

The result is a beautiful book with heart. Phil is donating all of his profits from the book to help defray his sister's rising medical bills.

I snatched up five copies this morning at church! We gave one as part of a gift at Mitchell's classmate's birthday party after church today, then he wanted to give one to some of his friends - triplets! - from school who were also at the party. We have a few copies earmarked for some other friends as well. And, it's a real hit - I just read it six times to Mitchell - and he's begging me to read it again.

Scanning the web, the book is available at all the major bookstores and other online outlets. If you need a great book for the younger crowd, then consider When I Grow Up: P.J. Style. It's guaranteed to make you - and your heart - smile!


Anna Lefler said...

Great post!

Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by during the blogathon! Your blog is really nice...

BTW, I grew up in H-Town! WooHoo!

Take care...

:^) Anna

The Stiletto Mom said...

Off to Barnes and Noble tomorrow!!! Little Miss G will love this as she embarks on reading. Thanks for the recomendation and the lovely story behind it!!

HeatherPride said...

This is great! We love new books in our home, and I will love buying this one and knowing I'm helping someone out!