Thursday, November 20, 2008

I was Tagged (Again!)

Jen tagged me for a photo tag. It was supposed to be something like the fourth picture in your fourth folder. That was too boring (especially since you've seen that picture already!).

So, I went to my Shutterfly account and pulled it from there.

This was Mitchell the day after he was born, just before we left the hospital. See how tiny he was? He weighed just 5 pounds, 12 ounces. He had all these wrinkles because his skin was so baggy! The outfit I brought to bring him home in hung off of him - and the socks just swallowed up his tiny feet.

After struggling with "failure to thrive" at the beginning, he pulled through and has always been a trooper. As you can see from the photos today, nothing has held this kid back!

Here's a photo taken just minutes after he was born. Look how tiny his fingers are as they're curled around Paul's finger!

And for grins, here's a photo of Noah, a few minutes after he was born. Notice how much chubbier he was! He was 6 pounds, 11 ounces - almost a full pound bigger than Mitchell. It's amazing the difference four weeks can make! (Mitchell was born four weeks early.)


Pablo Guero said...

My gosh, in the second photo you can see Mitch's forearms are the same size as my fingers. I forgot about that.

Frogs in my formula said...

Wow, he was so teenie. Four weeks is a long time, when you think about how busy they are growing!

Mary Anna said...

Oh, don't I know! I was terrified when they told me that if I came to the hospital, they probably wouldn't try to stop me. And, that's just what happened - they gave me the chance to go home and have the early stages of labor there - but I refused and stayed in the hospital. Good thing, too, since my labor progressed so quickly! (They even have a fancy name for it - precipitious labor and delivery.)

Noah was a struggle all of his own - he really wanted to come at 28 weeks, when I thought I had really bad heartburn but turned out I was in active labor and had dialated to 3! Thank GOD there are drugs out there that might help - if you're willing to sign your soul away. I didn't even think twice before signing the papers and doing what I could to keep him in even longer. Stubborn little bugger stayed in until just before they were going to force him out!

I'm never quite sure what I've done so right in this life to have been so blessed, but I thank God everyday!