Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Things I Wonder (all in the last few minutes)

  • Why on earth did I think I could have pillows with tassels on my sofa?
  • When did I stop being "mom" and start being "referee?"
  • Do they really not hear me say the same thing over and over and over again?
  • What did Mitchell do this time to make Noah cry?
  • Why do I even have sofa pillows if they spend most of the time on the floor?
  • When will my chocolate chip banana bread be ready?
  • How'd Noah get that bump on his head?
  • Where can I hide that damn wooden recorder?
  • How long until 5 o'clock?
  • Is it wrong to want a glass of wine at 4:10 on a Wednesday afternoon?
  • Does Mitchell ask everyone what their middle name is because I'm constantly calling him by his?
  • Why does it take me almost shouting "Stop It!" for them to finally stop it (for second anyway)?
  • Does Mitchell really think that whining and hugging me after I fuss at him is going to make me less agitated?
  • What's the worse that would happen if Noah fell off the coffee table?
  • When will my chocolate chip banana bread be ready?
  • Is it wrong to want a glass of wine at 4:13 on a Wednesday afternoon?


Frogs in my formula said...

It's not wrong to enjoy wine at 4. 8:30 a.m.? Not so good. Our throw pillows are on the floor too. It reminds me of that scene with Ben Stiller--the one where his cheating wife had all those throw pillows and he went nuts and chucked them everywhere. The Polly movie maybe? At least they're cushions for falling off the coffee table...

Pablo Guero said...

Wine at 4 is fine. Consider it medication.

According to my dad, my grandfather used to drink cocktails during business lunches -- and he didn't have to deal with teething/whining kids all day.

Anonymous said...

Be thankful that Mitchell does not have long hair for Noah to pull ... because then you'd be pulling them apart twice as often.

And Graham just started recently climbing furniture and high step stools at our house. At first I tried to keep him off, but it was futile and now he falls off every other time he attempts it. Poor boy's head.

HeatherPride said...

Honey, if you made it until 4:10 I salute you! Now, pour yourself a glass! (Can I have one too?)


I'm contemplating having "Aidan Stop It" tattooed on my forehead for as many times as I say it during the day. Of course it wouldn't do me any good since she can't read. Ugh. Can't blame a girl for trying.

Go get your wine. I totally don't blame you! This is why we're only having ONE!