Sunday, November 9, 2008

Silly Pics from the Weekend

Noah hasn't felt well this weekend (fever, runny nose, congestion, screaming for hours at a time in the middle of the night), so it kinda scrapped our plans of going to Wurstfest yesterday. But, we make life fun wherever we are, so here are some silly pics of the boys from this weekend.

Mitchell won these goggles at a fall festival, and he has to wear them during baths. He also calls them his super hero mask and his new "Wrestle Mania" nickname is the Masked Avenger. (Yes, he even wore them while wrestling with Paul, the Spectacled Spudado.)

Death by pretzels. He may not feel well, but the boy sure can snack!

My little helper. Noah brought me my cup of tea and dripped some on the carpet (very little though, which was surprising). I grabbed a wipe and started to clean it up when he took the wipe from me and started cleaning. Then, I told him to throw it away, so he did!

Closing the lid.

Notice the "necklace" - it's a Halloween headband with devil horns. Like I said, these boys know how to make even the must mundane of tasks fun.


Frogs in my formula said...

I like the goggles. What's Wurstfest? (I know, I know, here we go with the questions...)

Mary Anna said...

Wurstfest is (no lie!) a celebration of sausage! Just north of San Antonio is a tiny town called New Braunfels. It was settled by Germans and is a very old, tiny town. (Texas has flown six different countries' flags in its history.)

Every year, they shut down the whole town for Wurstfest. People pull out their best German-inspired costumes and consume insane amounts of beer. Oh yeah, and they eat lots of sausage on a stick. We've never been but figured we'd do the Saturday afternoon thing (while Friday's drunks were still sleeping it off and Saturday's drunks were still working or in bed).

HeatherPride said...

Cutie! I love the picture of the goggles in the bathtub! My son has a snorkel mask that he wears in the tub! Kids crack me up sometimes!

Oh, and we TOTALLY have wurstfest here too! Are you kidding me, it's my favorite day of the YEAR!!! We usually take a cooler and buy a whole year's worth in one day. I love it. Ours is in March, come on out!!

Anonymous said...

When Mini first cleaned something (or tried to) I felt like my heart was in my throat, I was so proud. Great pictures!