Thursday, September 4, 2008

And I like 'em too!

I'm so thankful for Dan Zanes and Friends and The Laurie Berkner Band!

Since he was about a year old, Mitchell has been a huge fan of both, and I'll admit that I like them as well. Dan totally rocks, and Laurie is just plain silly.

If you don't know Dan, you're truly missing out. Apparently, he had a rock band called the Del Fuegos. Now he sings great folk songs and original lyrics with great musical accompaniment. In one song, he'll play a banjo and in another, the harmonica. He has a rapper named Father Goose who appears in some songs, and I totally love the vocals contributed by Barbara and Cynthia. (Is it sad that I know the names of the band members? I also love Yoshi and Colin!) We have Dan's DVD "All Around the Kitchen." It has a recording of a concert and then videos for a bunch of his songs. Mitchell and I dance like crazy when we watch.

Laurie, I love, because Mitchell finds her very soothing - and silly. Right now, he's resting on the sofa while she sings about being a dinosaur. In the car, he gets really worked up when this song comes on. Our favorite part is to roar at the end.

When Mitchell was younger, I used to joke that he thought that Dan and Laurie were his other parents. He'd ask for them all the time. I thought they had faded to a distant memory, but this morning he asked if he could watch them both. I can see in his little eyes that he's tired (he woke up around 5 this morning but, luckily, went back to sleep), so I gave in. This is the first time this week that we've turned on the TV before 4 p.m., when I let him choose a show to watch (with limited choices like "Miss Spider" or "Jack's Big Music Show").

So, I'm off to start a load of laundry, work on my grocery list for this afternoon and maybe even attempt mop the kitchen floor, as Noah is taking a nap and Mitchell is mellowed out with music.


HeatherPride said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by the Short Bus! I'm glad to meet you!

Oh yes, Laurie Berkner has been a staple in our house! That dinosaur one point I thought I'd flip if I heard it one more time!!! Now we don't have any Dan, but I'll have to look for him! Thanks for the heads up!

The Stiletto Mom said...

Just added you to blogroll on my site. :)

Mary Anna said...

They like me! They really, really like me!