Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What the ...

Sometimes you see things so strange that you can't help but pull over and take a photo!

Those would be topiaries. Lots of topiaries. In fact, there are two deer and a heart - and that's not all! The one you can't really see because it's against the dark car is A ROOSTER! I think I would have arranged them so the heart was between the two deer - you know, like they found love amid the cut-out stars or something. I took this photo in a friend's neighborhood the other day. I guess it's better than lots of weeds in the yard.

That would be a giant hand throwing the "Live long and prosper" sign. I think what made it the most entertaining to me was that this was on the back of a gold minivan! This photo was taken this morning while I waited in the drive-through at Starbucks.

As I always say, "You can't make this stuff up."

(For the record, I'm focusing on watching my "language" now that I spend my days with my children. I used to use the S-word when uttering that phrase. I also wanted to entitle this post "WTF," but I'm working on that too. All I need is for Mitchell to ask what that means.)


Anonymous said...

Is it wrong that I'm so insane with jealousy over the idea of a drive thru starbucks that I cannot even concentrate on the picture? :)

Anonymous said...

You know, like anyone, I love a good topiary. But that? Bizarre.