Tuesday, September 9, 2008


It's way too hot to play outside these days, so I've got to be creative to keep these crazy boys entertained.

Today, I introduced the laundry basket of fun.

Noah liked sitting on all the sides - until it dumped him out.

Both boys climbed inside, and I took them for rollercoaster rides around the living room.

Mitchell pretended he was a wild animal at the zoo, and Noah was the brave zookeeper who kept the craziness contained - for a few minutes anyway.

The fun ended when Noah tried to stand up on the basket and almost tumbled off!


The Stiletto Mom said...

Love this. We have one of those roller baskets from Container Store and until a few months ago, the kids still liked to jump in and roll around. Until they broke it. But still, is there anything better than laundry baskets? I don't think so. Such beautiful boys you have. :)

Mary Anna said...

Do you want one? Not an hour after this photo was taken, Mitchell was in time out in the guest room for hitting Noah in the middle of the forehead with a baton!

HeatherPride said...

So cute!! My little guy used to love playing in the laundry basket too!