Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tweets from my Sweets

Mitchell has said some great things lately, and I've been so bad about writing them down. Here's a few I've remembered:

I will take my new Spider Man stickers up to Heaven when I die so I can put one on Tigger.

~ ~ ~

Emma (a girl from his class) has an ouwie on her tooth ... She licked a frozen flagpole.

~ ~ ~

My friends were being mean to me so I climbed up the light pole and yelled at them that I'm Spider Man. They didn't know who I was.

~ ~ ~

I used to go there (as we passed his old daycare) but now I like my new school.

~ ~ ~

A song for Baby Audrey (our friends' adorable little girl):

I love Baby Audrey
She is so cute
She has really cute cheeks
And she has the cutest little feet

I love Baby Audrey
Oh I love you Baby Audrey
And I love your cute hat
And I love your cute feet
And I love your cute cheeks
And I love your cute toes

Oh I love you Baby Audrey

(I'm sure there was lots more because he was singing for quite a while, but since he was in the room I didn't catch it all! And, do please note that this was today and Baby Audrey was no where in sight! He hasn't seen her for several days.)

~ ~ ~

Meadow is my girlfriend now - don't tell Abbey. But, I still love Lainey and Baby Audrey even more.


The Stiletto Mom said...

Favorite...He's spider man and they didn't know who he was. Well, of course not, how could they get beyond his super powers? It's impossible. I tried with mine. Cute post.

jenboglass said...

Ah! I love the Spiderman Stickers quote. Don't you just love the minds of little children? Before mine came I thought the saying "Kids say the darndest things" was silly. But when you get 'em and they start to talkin', you realize it's true.

HeatherPride said...

what a cutie - he's totally going to be a song writer someday!!