Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tooth Brushing - just finished!

Mitchell is in the bathroom, brushing his teeth. Can you believe it?!

I combined tactics. Yesterday, I told him he didn't have to brush but his friends wouldn't like his stinky breath (kinda mean, I know) and that his mouth would start to feel gross unless he brushed.

Today, I told him we couldn't leave the house until he brushed. We didn't go to the park this morning like we had planned yesterday because he didn't want to brush.

Then, I broke out construction paper and a Sharpie and crafted up a toothbrush chart. If he brushes everyday, then this time next week, we'll go pick out a new Hot Wheels car. (My new schamcy laptop doesn't play well with my vintage printer upstairs, so that was the best I could do. However, I did make a nice one on the computer and emailed it to Paul at work to print and bring home.)

It took some coaxing, even with the chart, but he finally brushed (and then I brushed) and then he picked a yellow sticker to put in the first square.

Now, we can go grocery shopping. Oh joyous afternoon.


HeatherPride said...

ha! That's awesome. Whatever works! Right now we are having fights over swimming lessons in my house. I say, no TV until you go!! We'll see what happens...

Also - cool mosaic below!!

tierd said...

yay! go mitchell! the standoff tactic has been my best tool ... most time-consuming, but it works for lainey. way to go!