Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Confronting a fear worse that sweatpants

Tonight, I was confronted by my greatest fear of being a stay-at-home mom, a fear worse than sweatpants or feeling like I really can skip a shower today.

Tonight, I was confronted by the MOMMY CLIQUES.

I was at the parent orientation for Mitchell's preschool, trying my hardest to mingle in a room full of moms who already know each other. I'm making small talk with Blonde Mom when Brunette Mom walks up and says to her (and only to her, as indicated by the shoulder she wedged between us), "A group of us are going to Alamo Cafe for margaritas when we leave here. Do you want to go?" Blonde Mom says yes then kinda does a little nod, indicating, "Should we ask this new chick?" Brunette Mom made this weird "whatever" face and did a half shrug. Then, both moms just walked off.

For years, I was the victim of the mommy clique because I was one of the "those moms" (you know, those ones who work while a daycare raises her children - seriously, I overheard this once!). I've been shrugged off at birthday parties, church events, Southern Living at Home parties ... pretty much anywhere there's more than one mom.

Well, I figured that at preschool orientation, we'd all be on pretty level playing field. We all stay home. Our kids will be playing together for ten hours each week. But, I guess because I wasn't carrying my Coach purse, I wasn't quite one of them. Hello - I was sporting a gorgeous Michael Kors! Or, I didn't have a super-thin flip phone. Say hello to my little iPhone.

I was chuckling at a group of moms earlier in the evening because they've discovered Facebook. They were lamenting that they're just not quite technical enough to be on Facebook yet and that they've only connected to a few people. One mom said something along the lines of, "You know, there are those moms who have those 'web blogs' or, 'blogs,' I think they're called ..."

Yep, that's me - the uberTechie, non-tan, ponytail-sporting mom in a sea of Cole Haan flip flop- wearing, Coach-sporting, Lexus-driving SAHMs.

Tomorrow, we'll all gather again for our children's orientation. Guessing there won't be any invites to Bigz after that (even if I do spray tan tonight and carry my Coach purse!).


Pablo Guero said...

So you weren't dressed for the part. You didn't get invited out for margaritas. It could have been worse -- no one spilled beer down the back of your shirt or scratched you.

Love ya!

The Stiletto Mom said...

OMG, adore you. And...I have so been there. I can't wait to hear your next adventures. If you ever want to talk about the pain of going from a working mommy to a SAHM...I'm here for ya!! I have so been there, done that, and then retreated back into the workforce. Yet, now I balance the two...go figure.

Erin said...

We just got back from meet the teacher at my daughters school. I can totally relate. I have been home for several years, but just moved to a new area. I am sure my purse from Target totally stuck out!

anna said...

I pretty much feel like that everywhere I go . . . regardless of what I'm wearing or carrying or whatever. Not "a part of." After you've been there awhile, you'll feel right at home, I'm sure--so then you'll be the one who has to try to make the new mom feel at comfortable.