Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Poor Noodle

Poor Noah hasn't felt well the past few days.

Wednesday evening, he started getting fussy ... fussier than usual for the evening, I should say.

Thursday morning, he woke up with a little fever. Other than that, though, he seemed like his usual, jolly self. Pastor Bonnie (from our church) spent a lot of the day over here entertaining the troops so I could work on some collateral for an event the Synod is hosting in January.

The boys had a blast! They ran all over the house, screamed, laughed and laughed some more. At one point, I went upstairs, and Mitchell was wearing his Batman cape and throwing a foam ball at Bonnie. There was some back story about a monster, but I'm not sure who was which.

By that evening, though Noah took a turn for the worse. He went down for a late afternoon nap and then woke up with a 104.2 fever. YIKES!

Being the crazy mom I am, I called the nurse line and was assured that the fever wasn't too high to take him to the urgent care clinic. Noah was supposed to get his flu shot Friday morning, but I used the appointment to get him checked out instead. He has a red, swollen throat and a mild ear infection in one ear.

Poor guy.

Yesterday, he was Velcro - which is very against his personality. He spent most of the day resting on me as I sat pinned on the sofa. (At least I got to watch "Grey's Anatomy!")

Then, came the Jekyll and Hyde. He'd be super snuggly and cuddly then he'd pop up and scream like a maniac for a few minutes and then he'd laugh and play with my hair.

Today has been much of the same but with a lot more crying.

Oh yeah, did I mention that he's cutting molars on top and bottom on both sides?!

What a day!

To give mom a boost of something, I whipped up a batch of margaritas for some late afternoon sipping. (Please don't comment that I'm a bad mom!)

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jenboglass said...

Bless you. It's days like this that you really earn your Mommy stripes. I'll send vibes and motrin your way.