Saturday, September 27, 2008

I can't believe I said "yes"

Warning: This may be the most political post I've written on here. I will probably offend several of you, and I apologize now.

Several years ago, if you'll recall, the Boy Scouts of America took away a young man's Eagle Scout honors because he is gay.

It was then that I decided that I would no longer support the Boy Scouts and that our future children would not be involved.

Please note: This is something I truly believe in, and I know it makes several of my friends mad, as their husbands are very proudly Eagle Scouts. To them, I say "Well done" for sticking with it through the years and achieving something so prestigious. It's not Eagle Scouts I have a problem with - it's the Boy Scouts of America as an organization.

Over the years, I've done my best to say "No" when asked to buy Boy Scouts popcorn. I was even verbally assaulted by one BS Mom when I said "No." She actually got in my face and wanted to know why. I told her it was a personal choice, and she got between my car and me and wouldn't drop it. When I told her why, she turned white and walked away. I almost think she knew nothing about this!

I've said no to kids outside the grocery store, outside Quizno's (which is where the altercation took place), even at church and on my own doorstep.

But, this afternoon, my neighbors walked down to ask if I'd purchase Boy Scout popcorn. Young Mr. N looked so cute in his uniform with his freckles and missing teeth. Something inside me warned me to not say "no."

Luckily, this year, they have the option to donate your purchase to military personnel serving overseas. So, I gladly made my donation and checked that option. At least I won't have to have it staring at me in the pantry, mocking me for backing down from my own resolve.

On a somewhat related note: I was asked to take a leadership position with an organization with which I've just become involved. The "recruiter" buttered me up with flattery about my outgoing personality and warm whatever. Then, I was told I'd need to take an "orientation class" to ensure I believed the same doctrine as the church who founded the organization (which, obviously, is not my own church). While we were on the phone, I pulled up the church's website and read over its published doctrine - nothing too out there but something a little too conservative in the undertones. I asked the recruiter about the church's stance on homosexuality, telling her it was something that I feel strongly about (but not telling her my feelings). For the next half-hour, I listened as she told me that the church believes that being gay is a sin and that gay people are sinners and if they would come to that church, they'd be welcomed because we're all sinners but that they'd be taught how to break out of that sinful lifestyle. She must have heard the disdain in my voice - later that afternoon I received an email informing me that they've found someone else to fill the role.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for supporting the neighborhood Scouting. The majority of the money stays with the local unit to help with character building and community service.

Even if you do not agree with National policy on morally straight your contribution is truly helping your "local" neighborhood children.

anna said...

Good for you for sticking up for what you believe in. It's always so much easier to just agree and not get involved. Brava!

tierd said...

I am with you ... and proud of you for standing up for your beliefs!!!

Jennifer C. said...

I've felt the same way about Scouts since hearing about that story. Seriously, has a gay child worked any less hard in earning his Eagle Scout? Plus, any organization that discriminates against a child is not one I would want to support or participate in.