Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Customer uh Service?

I just got off the phone, trying to book haircuts for Mitchell and Noah.

We've been going to Cool Cuts 4 Kids since Mitchell's first haircut, and I think they're great for kiddos. Mitchell really could use a trim, and it's time for Noah's first haircut.

I called to make the appointment, and I asked for them to have their hair cut at the same time. I was told this wasn't possible since they only have two stylists working tomorrow and they need to keep one free in case of a walk-in.

Uh, last time I checked, walk-ins had to wait until someone was available. Am I wrong? I mean, the whole point of calling ahead and making an appointment is to ensure you're seen at a certain time, and if you just walk in, you wait until someone can see you.

I asked her this, and she started offering me appointments 20 minutes apart, not even listening to what I was saying.

Then she tells me - yes, tells me - that I need to bring them in at 11 and 11:20. I told her I couldn't do it at that time because my older one is in school and doesn't get out until 2. Then she tells me to bring them at 2 and 2:20. I asked how I was supposed to be at his school picking him up and at the haircut place at the same time.

Ready for this - she said I need to bring one at 11 and bring the other back at 2:20!

I asked what she has available on Monday and she starts rattling off the Friday appointments available. I interrupted her and explained that I cannot bring them on Friday and she got all huffy with me and asked exactly what did I want her to do.

I felt like telling her, "Transfer me to someone who can help, that's what I want you to do."

So, I've got them scheduled for Monday, 20 minutes apart.

Am I wrong to be so annoyed by all of this?


The Stiletto Mom said...

Yeah, you need to kick some butt there. And I'd find another place to get their hair cut How can you take cute pics of both of them together if they are 3.5 hours apart. Come on people, understand the needs of your customers. BTW, I gave up on Cool Cuts a while back for the same reason. Don't hassle the Mommy...it's just bad form.

Captain Dumbass said...

I'd go with the rage. I used to cut my kids hair with an electric razor. That was fun.

I gave you an award, come by if you'd like a splash of pink.

jenboglass said...

Wha? I've never heard of this. Maybe just schedule one and let the other one be a walk-in? Then you're gambling. But I guess the stylist was gambling that you wouldn't kick her tail by giving you the run around.

HeatherPride said...

I love Jenbo's idea! Generally I find a lack of customer service to be a major turn-off. No, not generally. I mean 100% of the time it is a turn-off. I think I would find another place, and go write a nastygram on their website!!