Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Their Favorite Things

I totally copied this from my friend Jen’s blog. It’s a cute way to see the kids’ personalities shining through. (For the record, Mitchell answered each of these on his own with no coercion!)

Favorite Book
Mitchell: "Goosebumps"
Noah: Any book he can chew on!

Favorite Song
Mitchell: “Star Wars” theme
Noah: “Itsy Bitsy Spider”

Favorite TV Show
Mitchell: “Johnny Quest”
Noah: What’s TV?

Favorite Food
Mitchell: Hot dogs
Noah: Anything still long enough for me to eat it!

Favorite Color
Mitchell: Black
Noah: Blue (see his artwork and face painting)

Favorite Part of the Day
Mitchell: Sunday. (Mommy clarifies question.) When I get to read “Goosebumps.”
Noah: Mealtime

Favorite Pet
Mitchell: Maxine and Tigger (he’ll never forget his sweet Tigger!)
Noah: Max, but she always runs away

Favorite Toy
Mitchell: My Legos
Noah: Whatever Mitchell has

Favorite Place to Go
Mitchell: the zoo
Noah: Anywhere, as long as there’s snacks

Favorite Number
Mitchell: 25
Noah: 1 (says Mitchell)

Favorite Game
Mitchell: Candy Land
Noah: Peek-a-boo and follow the leader (really, just chasing the cat and tormenting his brother – and climbing on stuff)


HeatherPride said...

wow - Johnny Quest! I didn't even realize that still came on! Memories....

Mary Anna said...

We catch it on "Boomerang," which is the retro arm of "Cartoon Network." It pretty much is the only thing DVRd on our box! (It comes on at like 11 p.m., so we've recorded just about every episode 382 times. I need to delete some.)