Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Doctor Visit

This morning, Noah had his one-year physical and check up. There were some things we expected - ear infection, shots - and one we didn't.

Apparently, Noah is not gaining weight fast enough.

He's dropped to the 5th percentile for weight - down from the 12th at his last visit. He's topping the scale at 19 pounds, 1 ounce. YIKES!

For height, he's at 29 1/2 inches - the 50th percentile. He's head is also at the 50th percentile.

My little oinker eats like a, well, pig. So why isn't he gaining weight?

The pediatrician recommended that we give him 4 ounces of Pediasure each day to see if that helps. And, try to give him lots of cheese, yogurt, whole milk (ILO water, which he seems to like almost as much as milk) and other fatty good-for-you foods. I imagine we'll need to go back in a few weeks for a weight check.

I don't understand this at all! Noah is supposed to be my easy child. He was born two days before I was going to be induced (insert laughter here, if you're at all familiar with three days in the hospital during pregnancy, the preterm labor ordeals and the three months' bed rest I endured at the end of my pregnancy). Labor progressed very, very, VERY fast - I got to be one of those "Exorcist" women begging for drugs. Delivery took all of one push - actually, more like half a push. He took to nursing like a champ. He slept A LOT as a baby (so much we called the nurse help line because we thought there might be something wrong with him!). He eats and sleeps very well still.

So, Powers That Be, please make something snap inside him and let him pork up. Quickly.

P.S., on the way to daycare and the pediatrician's this morning, Noah somehow unscrewed the lid to his sippy cup and poured milk (with Poly Vi Sol drops in it) all over himself and his carseat. Luckily we were just barely on Canyon Golf Road, so I confiscated the sippy, U-turned the Odyssey and took him home for a wardrobe change. I joke that since we moved, we're either really early or late to stuff. Today, we were right one time, thanks to the little unplanned distraction.

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Tierd said...

We just had G's one year appt and he went from the 50th to the 30th percentile between his 9 and 12 month appts. The dr. told me it was b/c he is moving around so much and she wasn't concerned. However, I still plan to try the cheese, yogurt, whole milk plan you mentioned! I was really surprised because I thought he seemed to have gained a ton lately ... guess not! Good luck fattening Noah up!