Monday, August 25, 2008

My Shifty Friend

Welcome back, my Shifty friend!

Several weeks ago, one of the boys broke the left Shift key on our laptop. This made me very distraught.

In junior high and again in high school, I took typing classes. I type very, very, very fast - and pretty accurately, I might add. I believe 100 percent in the home keys. I hardly ever use the wrong finger for the keys above and below. And, I always use the Shift key closest to my left pinkie. And, I use my right pinkie for the Return key.

From my days as a typesetter at a small daily newspaper, I was very accustomed to typing as I listened to dictation - usually from Mr. Frasier of Frasier Funeral Home calling me in the early hours of the morning with that day's pending obituaries. (Yes, I took them over the phone and typed them directly onto the page. This is no easy fete, if you've ever had the pleasure to speak with Mr. Frasier!)

I've found over the years that I type much faster than I write, so it's easier for me to compose my thoughts on the computer (hence, this blog instead of a paper journal).

But I digress.

So one of the boys managed to pop a Shift key off our laptop. And, of course, it just had to be my left Shift key. The Shift key I use almost exclusively!

I tried gingerly to reattach the key. On a standard keyboard, this is easy. On a laptop, not so much. So I took it to the office and asked the gurus in IT to fix it. To no avail. Instead, one of them went online and ordered me a new keyboard.

Now those great folks at Gateway sent a new keyboard quite promptly. One problem: They didn't send any instructions on how to replace it! Again, the Internet is my friend. Today I went online and found the instructions (always looks like you're working hard when you're at work with something in several pieces laid out on your desk and instructions - with pictures! - on the screen). I raided the IT tool box and found the assortment of screwdrivers needed, and I replaced my Shift key.

So, welcome back, my Shifty friend. Don't tell the one on the right, but YOU ARE MY FAVORITE! (I used you just then to type that entire fragment of a sentence in ALL CAPS! Used you again! And again for all these exclamation points!!!!)

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