Sunday, August 17, 2008

Surgery Recap

I realized I never posted anything more about Noah's surgery.

It went very well. It turned out to take about twice as long as expected (about 10 minutes instead of 5) because the anesthesia slowed down his breathing too much. They put in a breathing tube to help him along.

Dr. Cohen turned out to be a real softy. We've been seeing him for about five months now, and I always thought he was kind of aloof and cold in the office. At the surgery center, though, he was very thorough in explaining the procedure before and then to give a recap after. He even gave me his cell phone number in case I needed to reach him later. And, he called that night to check on Noah.

On Friday, we returned for a follow-up to ensure there wasn't a clot and that everything was opened up. It was all good. Dr. Cohen was super nice again and even gave Noah a rubber duck that was dressed like a hippie. He reminded me again that I have his cell phone number in case I need to reach him before our next scheduled visit in three weeks.

The nurses at the surgery center were top notch as well. They entertained Noah with their tools and instruments, and they all came over at some point to tell me how cute he is. They even gave him a fish that was made by the Blue Bird Auxiliary, a group of old ladies who volunteer at the area hospitals (think Candy Stripers - plus 80 years!). It is a very odd fish, like one you might see in a Dr. Seuss book, but it was sweet nonetheless.

It's always nerve wracking when your babies have to go into surgery, but it's so nice to know they're in such caring hands.

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