Friday, August 8, 2008

Trying Something New

I get all excited when I try something new ... and it works!

At work, we've been toying with adding some listings to Craig's List. (Not sure how many people consider that a viable source for purchasing a new home, but whatever.) Other brokers have really fancy listings with bulleted lists, color-coordinated headers, etc. When I created ours, it was just text and photos. Blah!

Then, my boss brought me a flier his wife (a Realtor) did with some service that charges big fees to create and provide you with the HTML to post the fancy schmancy stuff to Craig's List.

I knew there had to be a way for me to accomplish the same thing. So, I opened up my trusty InDesign, created the flier, exported it, dropped it into Photobucket (thanks, Adrian, for the tip), and now it's on Craig's List - all fancy schmancy!

This is probably a newly learned skill that I will hardly ever use again, but at least I can now say I know how to do that.

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