Monday, August 18, 2008

When I Get Older ...

Mitchell has decided that 45 is a magical age and wonderful things will happen to him them.

Here are some of the highlights:

When I'm 45, I will ...
  • be stronger than Mommy
  • be bigger than Mommy
  • be bigger than Daddy
  • run faster than a tiger
  • run faster than T-Bone (a character from "Clifford")
  • be bigger than 40
  • be stronger than 40
  • be stronger than everyone else, except Spider-Man
  • jump higher than Mommy
  • be stronger than a rhino

There may have been mention of jumping higher than the gymnasts while watching last night's Olympic competitions - both boys and girls (he doesn't discriminate - he'll be better than everyone, except Spider-Man).

This morning, Mitchell compiled them together into a musical production that lasted most of the drive to work. I hope he really is that happy as he grows older!

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