Monday, August 4, 2008

Tweets from my Sweets

We're rockin' out to "Beast of Burden" the other day on the way home.

Me: Mitchell, do you know any pretty, pretty girls?

Mitchell: I know Lainey.

And, he's right - she is adorable!

- - - - -

We're at lunch on Saturday when Mitchell announces he needs to potty. After sitting there for a few minutes with nothing to show for it, he says "I need to eat more fruit."

- - - - -

The other night we were snuggling before bed. I was already in my nightgown, and Mitchell says, "The pokey hairs on your legs are poking me. Can you go cut them off in the shower?"

- - - - -

Mitchell loves to sit on the kitchen floor and have a snack. He'll tell me, "Look, me and Noah are having a picnic."

- - - - -

One of the afternoon ladies at Mitchell's school asked the name of his girlfriend, to which he replied, "Which one?" And, he acted all annoyed because, you know, there are so many.

- - - - -

I always refer to the car ride home as the confessional. Here was one from the other day:

Mitchell: I was bad today.

Me: What did you do that was bad?

Mitchell: I yelled "SHARK" while my friends were in the pool.

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Tierd said...

So cute :) We had fun with y'all at the play! Hope to see you again soon.