Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Say What?!

I've been seeing my GP, Dr. Larry (no lie!), for all nine years I've lived in San Antonio.

I paid him a visit yesterday because of the stabbing pain, throbbing and all out misery in my ankle (no clue what I did!).

During the course of the visit, he said several things that made me think, "Are you kidding?"

First, he's trying to determine the cause of my injury. He starts asking a series of questions which I found quite funny (but I knew better than to laugh!):

  • Have you added any extra miles to your running routine?
  • Have you decided to run off-road and maybe hit some uneven terrain?
  • Are you working with a new trainer who maybe pushed you a little too hard?

Those of you who know me (or have looked at any of my photos on previous posts) know why I found it hard not to laugh at these questions. I began to wonder just who he thought I was! He then shed some light - he reminded me that I used to work out with a trainer and had considered training for a marathon. Then, I wised up and got pregnant instead. (Nothing like being able to blame your loss of svelte on an unsuspecting child.)

He also started asking questions to get a sense of what else may have caused the injury:

  • Did you fall down the stairs on Saturday?
  • Have you been in a car or bicycle accident recently?
  • Have you fallen while playing with the boys?

That's it! How did I not remember that I fell down the stairs after that bicycle accident while playing with the boys this weekend!

Then, he said those words every woman wants to hear ...

"Now that you're older - and since you take The Pill - you'll need to be cautious
about blood clots in your legs."

He went on to describe to me what they feel like and what to do if I suspect that I'm experiencing one.

Take that, Ego! (I was just starting to celebrate inside because I'm now below my pre-Noah weight!!!) Not only does he expect me to exercise, he's actually encouraging me to so I don't develop a life-threatening blood clot now that I'm older.

Now, I'm not one of those people who dreaded turning 30, nor do I suspect that I'll dread 40 when that day arrives. But, if I have to keep having conversations with Dr. Larry, I just might!

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