Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Took it Like a Champ

Today, Noah had to have his blood drawn as part of his 1-year physical. They test for anemia and lactose intolerance, among other things, to ensure he's ready to transition to whole milk after his first birthday.

They had me sit in a special chair that had a front that came down and snapped into place so we couldn't escape. Then, they had me wrap my legs around his and hold his free arm with one hand and his head with the other so he didn't move too much. It was quite distressing ... for me.

Had I not witnessed the entire draw, I would never had know a needle entered his precious little arm! Noah sat there and watched as the phlebotomists did their thing. Yes, there were two - a precaution they take with little squirmers.

As we were leaving, the receptionist asked if I had changed my mind about the draw. "No, he just took it like a champ," I told her.

Then, she said she wished the adult patients were that good. The other ladies all "Mm-hummed" in agreement!

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