Sunday, August 24, 2008

Movin' and Groovin'

After a day with a houseful of maniacs, Noah has decided that he can move like the rest of them.

This morning, he entertained Grandma and me by showing off his new found ability to STAND UP! He just stood up and stood there for a while before decided to plop down and play with something. To expand on his talent, Noah then started bending over to pick things up and then standing while playing with the toy. Very cool!

Later this morning, Noah decided to try a few steps. He took 7-ish steps consecutively before plopping down to crawl really fast. (It's a good thing those diapers are so padded!)

Another of Noah's new found talents (and, obviously, I use the term loosely) is the ability to rearrange furniture, mainly the dining chairs. And his high chair. And his little kitchen set. I hate the sound of the wood dragging across the tile - and I hate even more the idea of him cracking his head on the tile.

And, ever the climber, today we caught him being resourceful to grab some toys off the side table. He climbed on Blue Puppy (a huge stuffed dog chair thing) then onto a box containing a birthday present. This allowed him to reach across the table and grab the toys. Note: It would have been way easier to just cruise around to the other side of the table. But where's the fun in that?

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Erin said...

Thanks for checking out my blog... Welcome soon to the world of SAHMs. I hope you enjoy it more everyday. Also, congrats to the little one! I loved it when both my girls learned to walk, but I wish somedays, I could contain them just for a while, to get something done!