Monday, August 4, 2008

My Little Garfunkel

We went to a play on Saturday at the Steven Stoli Playhouse, and Mitchell volunteered to be Garfunkel, the sea turtle. (The other girl, whom we don't know, was Simon.) His big on-stage premier consisted of swimming onto the stage, picking up Aladdin's magic lamp, then swimming over to Princess Posey, the mermaid, to give her the lamp. Princess Posey hugged them both and they held hands and did a little dance/swim thing.

What's so amazing about this is that Mitchell actually went on stage! The whole performance was amazing. Before the show, the producer asked for volunteers, and Mitchell volunteered. Then, she invited all of the kiddos down to the front to sit on the floor in front of the stage. And Mitchell sat there the entire time! I sat in a much softer chair in the back and watched him in amazement as he laughed during the show.

I was really sure he would become shy and not go on stage when his turn came. I went down to let him know it was almost time, and he got clingy and asked me to go with him. I pointed out that I was way too tall and if I went on stage, no one could see him. He thought that sounded logical, so he went up all by himself and picked up that magic lamp.

The silly green hat is his "turtle shell." The white you see sticking out is a sun visor they made at daycare this past week - it's made from a paper plate and a rubber band. Very clever!

BTW: Check out the color in that photo! I took it with my new iPhone - the only lighting was that on the stage. I'm very impressed with the camera feature! Now, if only I could get my Google calendar to sync ...

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