Friday, July 18, 2008

As long as I don't move

I don't know what's come over me today. It started with a sore throat this morning. Then came the headache. Then the chills. And the sweats. And the aches.

I thought that if I had something nutritious for lunch that I might feel better. So, I scooted over to Quicksands for their delish turkey tortilla quiche, rounded out with the mango-jicama salad and cream of potato and mushroom soup.

I knew there was something really, really wrong with me when I just picked at my food! These are my three all-time favorites at Quicksands, and it usually makes my day when I hit the trifecta.

On the way back to the office, I swung through Starbucks to cut the chill.

Finally, I admitted defeat and came home. I've taken Aleve and have been in bed the rest of the afternoon. I dozed a little, and now I'm watching "Ellen."

I feel a little better as long as I don't move.

The thing that upsets the most about feeling bad is that I had to cancel our dinner reservations at Silo this evening. It's parents' night out tonight, my birthday is next week and I have a very generous gift card (Thanks KK!). I was really, really looking forward to enjoying something decadent like the crab spring rolls (yumo-o!). And, I really wanted a Hot Chocolate Souffle Cake. It's one of those special things you have to order in advance. We ate there for Valentine's Day, and I asked for it at the beginning of the meal to ensure that I'd get it for dessert. When the waitress came and brought me a dessert menu, I knew she forgot to put in the order and my heart sank. I adore hot chocolate cake! I had the Brooklyn Blackout Cake instead, which was good - but, once you've decided you want something in particular, it's hard to accept a substitute.

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