Tuesday, July 29, 2008


My head just opened up, after being totally clogged from being sick more than a week ago. I can hear clearly, I don't feel like I sound like a drunk when I talk, I can even hear the keys on my keyboard as I type! Oh sweet relief!

- - - - -

This morning, Paul was trying to get Mitchell into the bathroom to brush teeth. I look up to see him carrying Mitchell and singing, "... and I, a-yay will always love you, ooh, ooh ... " (a la The Bodyguard, since apparently I type lyrics as well as I sing them)

- - - - -

Dessert at lunch. Need I say more?

(We had a huckleberry bread pudding and a chocolate lava brownie, both served with generous scoops of vanilla bean ice cream. The occasion? "Let's do lunch for July birthday ladies," compliments of my boss, Ken. Of the four of us ladies in our department, three of us have birthdays within one week.)

- - - - -

Thinkin' ... about friends, friends, friends, friends.

Great, now I'll be singing that all day long!

- - - - -

My friend Kristen is pregnant with Number Three. And, she says she's not going to find out this time! IS SHE CRAZY!

I guess she figures that since she already has one of each that she has plenty of gear.

- - - - -

Yesterday, Mitchell and I car-danced to disco the whole way home. This morning, we got in and he immediately requested "Car Wash." When it was half over, he asked for "Love Rollercoaster" next. The song that came on after that ("Get Down On It") was "not funky enough" so we had to move on to "Boogie Oogie Oogie."

- - - - -

Me: Did you know Stevie Wonder is blind? That means he can't see.

Mitchell: Why can't he see?

Me: Well, I think he was born blind. I guess God made him that way.

Mitchell: Maybe he poked his eyes out with a big stick.


Anonymous said...

The Kristen that I know? If so, that is great! Well, even if not, that is great :)

Mary Anna said...

It IS the Kristen you know! She's due in January. How exciting!

Anonymous said...

Please tell her congratulations for me!!!