Friday, July 18, 2008

Tweets from my Sweets

Mitchell and I are snuggling this morning when he starts to cry.
"I didn't get a Baby Ruth last night!"
We assured him he could have one after breakfast.  He was fine.
- - - - -
On the way to work, I gave Mitchell the previously mentioned Baby Ruth.
"Can you tell them to use less caramel next time?  I don't like it."
- - - - -
Today is Show and Share Day, and Mitchell selected an obnoxious monkey toy that screeches when you squeeze it.  (You're welcome, Miss Veronica!)
"Screech has hair all over his belly.  Daddy has hair all over his belly too.  Maybe Daddy's a monkey like Screech."
- - - - -
We stopped and got gas on the way to work.  Mitchell asked to see the receipt, then he asked how much it costs.
M: "Wow!  We got A LOT of gas!"
Me: "No, sweetie, it just costs a lot more now."
M: "Oh.  Well maybe you can drive slower and it will last longer."
Me: "Maybe."
M: "I should tell Daddy too.  He drives really, really fast."  (insert laser sound effects here)

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