Tuesday, July 22, 2008

They may be ... nothing!

The chickenpox were downgraded to the maybepox last night. This morning, I'm officially calling them the nothingpox, as in there is nothing wrong with Noah.

In fact, he has even fewer spots than yesterday! The ones the pediatrician found "suspicious" have all disappeared as well. But, to be cautious, I'm keeping him out of daycare tomorrow as well to ensure the full 72 hours have passed before we've declared them nothingpox.

As for me - if it's not one thing, it's another. I woke up in the very wee hours of the morning to tend to His Heineyness. My eyes were hurting a lot, so I thought I'd turn on the lights and see if I had something in my eyes. Oh no - my eyelids were swollen huge! I thought they were styes. The eye doctor instead tells me I have corneal lacerations on one eye and abrasions on the other, and she suspects my contacts are to blame. She goes on to tell me that I have to start taking them out when I get home from work, no later than 7 p.m. (but preferably 5) because wearing them more than 10-12 hours is very damaging to the eyes. Hello! I'd expect that if I was sleeping in them, but I only wear them about 13-15 hours a day - and they're supposed to be these ultra thin ones that are designed to reduce fatigue and irritation since I work on the computer all day.

Oh, and I can't wear them again until Monday because of the prescription drops I have to apply three times a day. But that's OK. I have an adorable pair of Kate Spades that I love wearing. (And, I'll look even hotter when I pair them with the disposable sun-blocking film things the doctor gave to me wear under them for driving!)


Leslie D said...

well horray for nothingpox, nothing is worse than seeing a little one frustrated from all the itchness.

I have had that happen to my eyes once before. I looked like Quasimodo when I went to work that day lol it was bad, after a day of the drops the swelling goes down significantly! Feel better soon

Tierd said...

Oh good on the nothingpox! Hope the eye thing clears up fast - does not sound fun at all! Cute pics you put up of Mr. Noah recently - he's a doll!