Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Now Playing: They Might Be Giants

Remember when we were in high school and college and They Might Be Giants was cool?

Well, they're HUGE among the 5-and-under crowd!

A lot of nights, Mitchell asks me to put on their CD "Here Come the A-B-Cs" on my kitchen stereo. We rock out big time, especially to "E Eats Everything," our very favorite. (I'm an E, and Mitchell is a C at the beginning but then becomes a Z because, as you know, Zs eat Es.)

Tonight was especially rockin' in the kitchen. Mitchell grabbed a spoon and sang and danced along. It was hysterical! I oftentimes wished I had a camera and camcorder surgically implanted so all I had to do was wink to Memorex a moment.

Anyhoo, even Noah danced along as we listened to our favorite TMBG tune over and over again (and then Mitchell asked for the one about Gs).

I'm now sadly singing "F is for Fakebelieve" all by myself as Mitchell has moved onto "Mythbusters" in the living room with Daddy.

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