Sunday, July 6, 2008

Rant & Rave: Salad Spinner

Years ago, I bought a cheap-y salad spinner at a kitchen store that was closing. I've hated it since. It never spun out all the water, the basket always became dislodged and it was really loud(plus, it made my arm tired since I had to turn the crank to get it to work).

Last month, I hosted a Pampered Chef party, and for one of my free items, I selected the salad spinner. I couldn't wait to use it last night when making supper.


It came with two different sized baskets, so there's a small one for herbs or berries, plus a large one for salad. The base bowl is a really nice, heavy acrylic that you can use to serve the spun salad. The handle pumps easily and even folds down for storage - and it has a break so you can stop the spinning when you're ready!

This morning, I put the tops from some baby bottles in it and demonstrated to my audience of children how easy it was to use. Maybe Mitchell will learn to appreciate a good salad.

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