Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Standing in the Need of Prayer

I have to attend an awards dinner on Saturday night, during which I have to play hostess by welcoming all the guests (about 500), opening with a prayer and introducing the lady who will be handing out the awards.

YIKES! I don't what to say in a prayer. To a group of homebuilding professionals. Who've been drinking complimentary cocktails. In tuxedos and formal attire.

I'm getting very nervous about this - almost as nervous as I am when I think about how big my hips will look in my satiny dress when the light hits just right, or as nervous as I am when I think that I might trip as I walk across the stage.

So say a little prayer for me that I'll be able to pull off a prayer without dropping in a little saucy language because I can't read my own notes!

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