Thursday, July 31, 2008

For real?

So I'm unpacking the replacement plates for Noah's party, and I happened to notice the warnings on the air-filled bags that they use to prevent things from moving around.

The air pack actually has graphics instructing you to not use it as a floatation device, a toy for your child or a pillow for your child.

My personal favorite is the floatation device - guess I'll throw out the ones I'm stashing in the car in case of random flooding.

I always notice the ridiculous warnings they put on things, and I feel so sorry for that small percentage of the population who thought it would be OK to use the Clorox wipes during a diaper change (ouch!) or the ones who don't realize that Sharpies don't wash off fabrics or other surfaces.

I guess in this time of CYA, one can't be too careful.

So, please don't use this post as a floatation device. Or a pillow. But, you might find it helpful during diaper changes.

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