Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

I just realized I didn't recap my birthday!

Yesterday started with a sweet kiss and wishes from Paul. Then, Mitchell came in and shouted to me then wanted snuggles. So sweet.

Later, as I ironed my clothes for work, Paul and Mitchell came bursting in to sing "Happy Birthday" to me. It was one of those glorious Mommy moments, as I sat on the closet floor listening to my 3-year-old belt it out.

(Our ironing board is in the closet. The closet is that big, really!)

I made it to the office, and the receptionist buzzed me that I had a visitor in reception. I walked out to find my girlfriend Cara holding a gorgeous floral arrangement from her and the other wonderful folks in her office (all fantastic people!).

I had a typically short-but-sweet conversation with my little brother, who called to wish me a happy big day.

A small group of us lunched at Stone Werks, were they gave me a card signed by everyone in the office. Too funny.

Oh, and our company's intranet has this birthday ticker that allows you to email a wish to the birthday girl, so I got tons of those from people all over whom I've never met.

The work day wound to a close, and I headed over to Wildfish to meet up with Cara and a handful of other girlfriends. Had a great cosmo. I also ran into some former co-workers, who serenaded me. Cara recognized a friend who had come in, so we joined him and his friend for a last drink of the night (and, finally, some food!). Note: this was my last drink, not last call, as it was merely 7 o'clock.

Best of all, I came home to my boys who had cards and gifts. I received a box of animal cracker mix so Mitchell and I can bake them together. And, bless him, Paul gave me the new Williams-Sonoma chopper tool I wanted! He's so good at remembering.

All in all, it was a fantastic birthday - and a great way to start out this new decade in life.

May each birthday be just as sweet!

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